The Unnamed Road

Geraakt door haar woordenkeuze, gefascineerd door de weg die haar gedachten afleggen, recht naar haar hart…

Puur & authentiek.

“I am here. Everything else is imagination, fantasies of an intellectual animal that creates parallel universes in the mind”

Everybody should love Tsjalline ❤


I found something back. Diluted memories, evoking a different time, a younger me. I like such moments, it’s a strange time-travel experience, going back in my mind to a moment when I was wondering what would happen in the future. Now I am living in this future I imagined, even beyond it. Isn’t time a wonderfully peculiar thing?

The following is a short piece of writing from two years ago, 19 October 2016, when I was doing volunteer work in Istanbul and looking forward towards going to Lebanon for the two months after, with another humanitarian organisation, ‘Relief and Reconciliation for Syria’. I didn’t know what to expect and I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was trying to look for the place where I would be staying, in a small village in the north of Lebanon, close to the Syrian borders. This is what I wrote.

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